Meeting With The Guys From Crisp Automotive.

Here at The Detailing Detectives we are always enthusiastic to work with other businesses, especially new and upcoming ones that share our interests and values. 

Personally, I’ve always been into cars and over the years been a part of many forums and communities; including the Vauxhall forum when I had my Corsa VXR and then now the Audi Forum with owning my RS3.

Naturally when I heard that Liam was creating a car community, I was excited to learn what it was all about and plans for the direction it would take. We decided to meet up and have a chat to find out more. 

So, What’s Crisp Automotive All About?

We are an automotive community started by enthusiasts and based in the UK.

To us, the car scene is more exciting than ever; the communities, events, and businesses like The Detailing Detectives that it spawns. 

The culture is integrating all these things and evolving into something spectacular.

We decided we’d like to be a part of it, more than just showing our cars and attending events and give it our best to contribute with our own vision and style. We hope to achieve this through articles, features, show coverage, photography, and videography. Aspiring to build a community through social media and our website where we can get people mixing together at events, showing off their cars and sharing the same passion.

Many of the things we’ll be undertaking are completely new to us which we’ve considered for a while but we’ve finally pushed ourselves to jump into it. Crisp will be a fantastic learning experience for us and hopefully produce content and products the community will enjoy. We want to leave our mark on the scene and created a brand based on this ethic, producing high quality lifestyle apparel and merchandise.


Collaboration Plans

We’ll be working alongside the guys at Crisp to help them grow and create more diverse content for ourselves, this will include working together to review detailing products and help keeping their cars clean for features and events. We will also be attending some shows and events with Crisp to get involved in the community. Likewise, we will get the guys to cover some of our work so our customers can see behind the scenes and get to know the Detailing Detectives while getting a feel for what goes on when their car is in with us for detailing work.


In the near future, we will be offering discounts for bookings through Crisp. Where they will cover our detailing process, and create a glamour video of your vehicle. More information on this to follow in the coming months.

If you are looking for Crisp to feature your car on their website we can also offer detailing packages for your vehicle to look its best beforehand. This can be arranged, either you can come to us or we can come to you.

Photo taken by Section 59

Award Winners - Elastic FM Awards Night - Feb 2017


Friday 24th February 2017 saw some of the Detailing Detectives team attend the annual Elastic FM awards night. Hosted at the Proact stadium in Chesterfield, This event celebrates all the good of local businesses within the Clowne area. The Success, contributions and entrepreneurship, as well as those individuals that go the extra mile.

The awards night was a black tie event with each respective business representative and supporters attending in their best attire.

A 3 course meal was provided which this year which consisted of

  • Starter - Prawn Cocktail or Tomato Soup
  • Main - Chicken Breast with Bacon & Mushroom Sauce or Oyster and button mushroom stroganoff
  • Dessert - Chocolate orange Cheesecake

Followed by Tea & Coffee.


The Awards:

Each award was sponsored by a local business, some of which are shown on the right.

The full list of awards presented were as follows.

  • Community Organisation of the Year
  • Community Contribution
  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Community Service Award
  • Teacher of the Year
  • Student of the Year
  • Business of the Year
  • Small Business of the Year
  • New Business of the Year
  • Customer Service Award
  • Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Elastic FM Award
  • The Kat Mayall Award for outstanding contribution to life in our community

The awards were hosted by David Lilley Director of Elastic FM. Each category had a bunch of nominees and a winner. The great part of this event was that even if you had been nominated you were invited upon to the stage & the reasons for your nomination was called out.

Paula (Centre) Handing over the award to Craig (Left) & Sam (Right)

Our Nomination:

We had made enquiries about attending the event back in January. In early February we were informed that we had been nominated for an award by a customer. A complete shock! We hadn't really been told which award we had been nominated for but it was certainly an exciting time for us nonetheless.

So onto the hand out of the awards. There was a real buzz about the evening, as the awards were being read out the crowd cheered & clapped for all those nominees & winners who had been mentioned.

Just after the main course the Award for 'New Business of the Year' was announced. Just as myself and Sam were tucking into the last bit of chicken we heard the business name. Upon looking at the stage there was a picture of us at work during the Clowne Gala. Myself & Sam walked to the stage. Other local businesses who were nominated for this award also stepped forward, some of them i know have done exceptionally well recently.

Then the drum roll came and we were then announced as the winners of the award. I remember saying to Sam, this can't be right. But sure enough there was our picture on the screen.

Our award was handed over by Paula from 1st Mags. 1st Mags is a local advertising booklet that has adverts from all sectors of business, most of them are based locally. Should you want to find any more information about 1st Mags click on their logo below.




All in all it was a great night and we will certainly be back next year. I have added a few photos below from the night. Please check out Elastic FM's website to listen to their radio station! Should you wish to find out any information visit their website at




Here are two of our directors Sam (Right) & Craig (Left) with our first ever customer Connor. He is an avid supporter of the work we do and has assisted us with showcasing our work at many major events. Including Waxstock 2016 where his car won 1st prize in the Arrive & Shine new car category.



What a detail can involve..

Some of our customers know they want their car polished and shiny, but what happens to your car when you choose one of our detailing packages. In this blog I’m going to explain it start to finish. The car that we detailed was Dan's John Cooper Works Mini. This car was perfect to show the transformations from start to finish as it was covered in swirl marks & defects.

Getting Stuck in..

The first thing that we do before starting on the car is to take pictures of the car. The main reason for this is to have a visual snapshot of the vehicle before we begin. Some of our customers wish to have a step by step capture of the work undertaken. 

Then it's time to get stuck in! First of all comes the prewash.  Prewash is used to loosen light contaminates from the paint work such as road grime and salt from the roads over the winter period. On major details we use a prewash as well as a snowfoam.

We normally leave this to soak onto the car while we are filling the buckets up. (around 5 minutes approx) Once the buckets are filled we will rinse the prewash off with the pressure washer starting from the roof and working downwards.

Following on from the prewash stage we apply a layer of snowfoam. We will leave this to dwell for 5 minutes. Again this is used to loosen road grime and this will go into all the nooks and crannies that we can't always see.

During the dwelling stage, we will go round with a detailing brush and scrub all the places that don’t always get a clean. These places involve window rubbers and the gaps where the bumpers and the other body panels join. On most cars these places will have never been touched so this is where you see all the muck really coming out. 


Rinse & Wash..

Now the Snowfoam has dwelled it’s time to powerwash off, again starting from the roof and working downwards. Most of the heavy soiling will have been washed off & although the car may look clean but it still needs washing properly.

For this we use the two bucket method which we have covered in a recent blog.

After the paintwork has been washed we moved onto the wheels. Wheels are wash thoroughly at this stage. Then we rinse the soap off with the powerwash, you will see us open the door and then using the powerwash to rinse the door sills. Don't panic, no water enters the vehicle. 


Now the car has been washed its time to start the decontamination process. We will spray iron remover all over the paintwork, this will remove any iron fallout that are on the paint. After the iron remover is sprayed on it is left to react after a few minutes it is rinsed off.

The second stage is spraying tar remover on the lower parts of the car, to lift tar deposits. The final stage in the decontamination process is claying. This is a process that will remove any contaminates that are left on the car still that chemicals can't remove. 

Now we have finished the cleaning and decontamination process its time to dry the car and take it inside.


Wheels Off..

Its time to give the wheels a proper clean now, these received the same process as the paintwork has. We take the wheels off for our ceramic wheel sealant bolt on.

Wheels are washed & decontaminated before being blown dry with a pet dryer that blows warm air to blow the water off the wheels.

Now all the wheels are dry its time to hand polish the faces and inside of the wheels. Once buffed off its time to add wheel wax or sealant.


Machine Polishing..

Before we start machining we always go around the vehicle and check the paint depth with a Paint Depth Gauge to ensure we know the levels of lacquer on the vehicle. In the past we have informed the owners of panel that have been re-sprayed, that they were not aware of.

Then it's time to tape up the trim and badges to ensure they are protected during the machine polishing stage.

It's now time to get the machine polisher out and start removing those swirls with the cutting stage. We normally start on the bonnet and then work our way round the car. This is the time when we get those great 50/50 shots of swirls and freshly polished paintwork.

Once we have been round the car cutting the panels that need the work, depending on whether any more cutting is needed we will move on to the finishing stage. This brings the shine and depth back to the paint.

Now we are coming towards the end of the detail. The wheels are placed back on the car and then the tape is removed from the badges and plastic trim.





Now it's time to apply the protection so this is either in the form of a wax or a sealant. We finished this particular car off with two coats of Swissvax wax which should last a good 4-6 months if maintained to our standards.

After we have applied the wax and left to cure its then buffed off and then the only things that are left to tick off the list is glass and plastic trim. Both were treated to a semi perminanet coating for easy cleaning.

We just need to add the finishing touches now and this Mini is ready to roll.

Tyre shine is added to protect the tyres and then a final check that theres no wax left on the paintwork. Now the car is ready to be handed back to the customer.

We have put a video together of the whole process from start to finish to show what we do. If you have any questions regarding the detailing process then please get in touch.



Hey! You're not using a Sponge!

Our customers sometimes ask why we don’t use the usual sponge or brush to wash their car. Using a sponge or a brush to wash your car will damage the paint more than you realise. We only ever use a wash mitt to wash cars as this will reduce the chance of scratches and swirl marks. If you look at the wash mitts we use you will see that they are deep piled and not flat faced like a sponge.



Now think about all the grit and dirt on the paint work of your car; when wash mitts are used the dirt and grit is absorbed into the wash mitt safely away from the paintwork instead of staying on the flat surface of a sponge. This means that when sweeping the mitt across the paint work the grit and dirt doesn’t come into contact with the paintwork reducing the chance of leaving scratches in the paint. When cleaning the car wash a panel at a time, if you are unsure whether the panel is fully clean then wash it again.

With a sponge the dirt has nowhere to go, all this dirt has sharp edges therefore it will be dragged along the paintwork resulting in scratches. There are various different wash mitts available from lambs wool to microfibre these have been developed to get around the problems which you will get with the traditional sponge. While wash mitts are the go to for us it is impossible to completely avoid the odd swirl mark in the paint, but using the wash mitt and the two bucket method together helps reduce the risk if swirls and scratches.

As you can see from the picture one half is dull and full of swirl marks and the other side is freshly polished. If paint work is washed with a sponge it can easily go from being shiny and swirl free back to that dull colour and alot of swirl marks just in a few washes. Paint work with swirl marks in like the picture can easily be removed by one of our detailing packages.

Another advantage with using a wash mitt is that you have to put your hand inside most of them so they fit like a glove and the elastic that is around your wrist lowers the chance of dropping it on the floor. Using a wash mitt along with the two bucket method makes the prefect combination for keeping your car swirl free.

We have selected a few different wash mitts that we believe are fairly priced and we would recommend. Please note we are not affiliated with Slims Detailing in anyway. We simply believe they provide excellent products with a superb service.

Chemical Guys Chenille Microfibre wash mitt
GTECHNIQ WM2 Microfibre wash mitt
Dodo Juice Wookie wash mitt
The Multiple Bucket Method

Many clients we come across question why we use multiple buckets to wash a vehicle & what are those bright coloured plastic rings?

The two bucket method is basically using two buckets to wash the paint work of the car instead of one. The idea behind this is to reduce the damage to the paintwork on the vehicle. Enabling the reduction of Swirls, scratches & wash marring.

We have three buckets in our kit, one labeled Wash, one Rinse & one Wheels. The wash bucket contains Soap & Clean water. The Rinse is just clean water & the Wheels contains a specialist wheel shampoo.

We also use Chemical Guys cyclones to help with collecting & capturing the debris from the vehicle. There are many different types of guard available, we have tested many of them out and have come to the conclusion that the CG’s cyclones are the best ones for us. We use one of these cyclones in each bucket.

Photo taken by Craig before washing a Jag XF
Imaged souced from Chemical Guys

The process: (Assuming you have already done the pre-wash stage)

1) Fill the buckets up with warm water ensuring that the Shampoo is in the Wash bucket.
2) Place the WashMitt into the wash bucket, collecting suds and shampoo.
3) Wash a panel on your vehicle starting from top to bottom.
4) Place the WashMitt into the rinse bucket and rub both sides of the mitt with the palm of your hand.
5) Repeat Steps 3 & 4 around the vehicle.

Once you have completed the vehicle (if done correctly) you should notice that the Wash bucket still contains clean soapy water. The Rinse bucket should contain the contaminated dirty water.
the Image to the right shows the buckets after Adam had washed a white Porsche.

Here at The Detailing Detectives we use the multiple bucket method on every single car we wash, regardless of the package chosen.

You can purchase the equipment we use in our multiple bucket method below.

Please note we are not affiliated with Slims Detailing in anyway. We simply belive they provide excellent products with a superb service.

Photo taken by Adam after washing a white Porsche

PVD Approved

We are now officially approved by the Professional Valeters & Detailers Trade Association.

To be part of this trade association you must pass strict checks, including skills, correct levels of insurance and much more.
As a new business this is a huge achievement for us and gives peace of mind to you our customers.

All PVD members are:
- Insured and charging fairly
- Independent and experienced
- Trustworthy with references
- Reliable and Punctual

If you would like to learn more about the trade association click on the logo to the left.

We became Mobile....

On July 31st we became fully mobile.

Over the last month we have been preparing our Van (Boris) to ensure we can provide a professional service no matter where you live or work. We now have onboard Electric and water & are able to valet anywhere!!

I must thank the family members and friends who have helped with getting Boris our van to the stage it is now.
We are no where near completed but we are able to serve our customers! This is our main priority.

To the Right is a picture of Sam testing out the van on our Connor's car & a badly timed selfie of Craig and Sam en-route to Connor's House.

Connor kindly agreed for us to use his vehicle to test our equipment out and we donated the wash as a thank you for his continued support.
Although i may add next time he must get some milk... Our mouth's were a little dry due to the lack of a cuppa.

Thats all for now.


Waxstock Winners

We have a Winner!

Here's Craig (Right) one of our Directors with Connor (Left) one of our regular customers, who scooped up 1st Prize in the Nanolex Arrive & Shine Best New Car Category. At the 2016 Waxstock Detailing Show.

Connor is a very caring car owner and has had all for of his cars treated by Craig in the past. Craig has taught him the correct way to maintain the finish of his pride and joy. The Car is certainly a credit to him!

Connor's car was treated to our Show Car Prep Package in Early July.

We thoroughly washed & decontaminated the vehicle before applying our Secret combination of polishes. Once we had machine polished the vehicle to a high gloss we applied a coat of Swissvax Best Of Show Wax. Followed by a Coat of Waxaddict Candy Gloss Whipped.

Congratulations Connor!

Paint Correction?

Does your car look dull even when it’s clean? Do you miss how your car used to look when it was brand new?

If the answer is yes then it will probably benefit from one of our detailing packages. these are designed to bring the paintwork back to life. Our packages vary from a basic hand polish to a full correction machine polish.

Depending on the cars paint condition will depend which package will benefit the car more as some cars only require a slight enhancement.

As you can see from the image we have corrected half the paint work and left the other side this is to show you what we do.

If you are interested to see what we can do for you and your paint work please get in touch.

Here at The Detailing Detectives we recommend washing your car once a fortnight if it’s a daily driver this should make sure that you keep on top of the dirt and grime that could build up over time and keep it looking its best. You should remember the more frequently you wash your car the more chance you have of the swirls and paint defects coming back, but a nice car is a clean car so once a week should be safe enough.

Make sure when washing your car that you use the two bucket method with a wash mitt and PH neutral shampoo, this will help those waxes and sealants last longer.

We also offer a mobile valeting service which will help you keep your car clean, please contact or visit the Valeting page to find out more..