We offer a number of different options when it comes to Ceramic Coatings. From our flagship Max Protect Pro-Elite to our entry level Siramik SC15 offering.

When choosing a ceramic coating as your preferred choice of vehicle protection it is important that you understand the preparation work required.

All vehicles will require a minimum:

– A Safe Wash
– Chemical Decontamination – (Fallout & Tar Removal)
– Manual Decontamination – Claybar
– 1 Stage Machine Polish

Our Gloss Enhancement detail, Minor Correction Detail or New Car Detail is a perfect base for any ceramic coating upgrade.

Siramik SC15

Application Price – From £100
Lifespan: Up to 24 Months.

About SC-15
Surface Coat is a super durable ceramic coating. Although it is our entry level coating it is no baby when it comes to protection. It has slick beads and with its application of two layers it is durable too.

Max Protect UNCv2

Application Price – From £120
Lifespan: Up to 36 Months.

About Max Protect v2 

UNC v2 is extremely durable Ceramic Nano-glass coating with outstanding resistance to chemical attacks – salt, acid rain, heavy detergents like TFR, wheel cleaner, bird droppings, tree sap, etc.UNC v2 is one of the hardest and glossiest coatings in the range.All surfaces treated with UNC v2 are totally sealed and dirt/oil/water repellent. This coating adds ultra-deep gloss with mirror like reflections, slightly darkens the paint, and improves deep scratch resistance. UNC v2 and is so super-hydrophobic.

Max Protect UNCR

Application Price – From £175
Lifespan: Up to 60 Months.
About Max Protect UNCR

UNC-R is the world’s first Nano Coating that turns into a Rubber Membrane when cured in room temperature. This flexible nature enables the finish to be ultra-resistant to wash swirl mark build-up* and does not suffer from water staining like some ceramic coatings do.

It is also perfectly suited for application on Paint Protection Film and Vinyl finishes. 


Incredibly glossy, super smooth and easy to clean surface is what UNC-R is all about! Same as our Ceramic Coating Range, UNC-R is a permanent coating and can only be removed with with heavy abrasives once fully cured. UNC-R has extremely high chemical resistance (Salt, Acid, Brake Dust, Exhaust Gasses, Tree-Sap, etc.), high UV filtering properties and small scratch, micro chip and buffer line filling capabilities.

Max Protect Pro-Elite

Application Price – From £200
Lifespan: Up to 60 Months.
About Max Protect Pro Elite

UNC-R PRO ELITE is like UNCR but on steroids. This is a Authorised Detailer application only product.

The result is a truly outstanding performance flexible membrane coating with amazing swirl-mark and stone-chip filling properties and a hydrophobic effect like no other coating.

Adds incredible deep gloss and feels super smooth to the touch with no top-ups. Does not suffer from water spotting like most ceramic coatings do and can be applied on virtually any surface:

  • Paint
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Vinyl
  • Rubber
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Perspex Glass
  • Composite Materials
  • Paint Protection Film (PPF)

And other surfaces.

Other Coatings

We also offer coatings & protection for Glass, Wheels & Interior Fabrics & Leather. Click on one of the images below to find out more. 

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