At The Detailing Detectives Detailing is our speciality!

We have experience in all aspects of vehicle detailing. From Paint Enhancements to Alloy wheel treatments. We have the skills and product knowledge.

Our most popular package by far is the enhancement package as this provides a real balance between correction and protection. This is suitable for most cars.

We offer free no-obligation quotes.

What is Detailing?

In our eyes detailing is the art of cleaning and restoring a car to a 'like new' condition.

We do this by removing the imperfections from your vehicles paint using specialist compounds & polishes.

The image on the right shows how damaged paint can look. This was taken from a Nissan Navara we have had in for a paint enhancement detail.

The majority of paintwork damage we see is from poor vehicle maintenance

Once we have enhanced or corrected the paint we refine the paint and apply some protection. This is in the form of either a Wax or a Sealant.