Glass Coating

Improve your vision with our glass coating application.

Why have a glass sealant/coating applied?

Our glass coating application ensures better visability when using your vehicle in bad weather. Enabling water/snow to be removed from your windscreen easier. Enabling you to have clear vision on the road ahead.

It is often the case that a glass sealant/coating can help against frost build up in those winter months.

Our glass sealant/coatings can last up to two years

How much does it cost?

From as little as £30 this can be applied to your vehicle. Contact us today to get a quote for your vehicle.

Glass Coating Demo - Clowne Gala 2016

Our Method of application is as follows:

  • Glass cleaned
  • Glass clayed
  • Glass polished
  • Glass coating applied

We have a number of Glass coatings to choose from

  • Carbon Collective Platinum Glass
  • Carpro Flyby
  • Gtechniq G1 Clearvison
  • Koch Chemie Nano-Glasversiegelung

Prices vary by product choosen.