New Vehicle Detail

Our new car protection detail is all about providing your vehicle with the best start in life protecting all those vital elements. This package is aimed at brand new unregistered vehicles. Please contact us for more information or advise.

Why Choose Us To Protect Your New Car?

We offer an alternative to the Dealership £500+ protection packages, these are normally sold with a belief of you never need to polish the card again.
Unfortunately they oftern never live up to expectations and are either not applied correctly or sometimes not applied at all.

Our new car protection detail ensures your vehicle is protected correctly, using skills and methods that are safe for your vehicle. We can even work with your dealership so that you drive out your new car protected the day you collect the vehicle from them.

We highly reccomend that if you are wanting us to perform a new car protection detail on your vehicle, you contact us as soon as you place your order. We will provide you with some advice to ensure you get the best out of your detail. This includes advising the dealer not to prep your vehicle.


Our new car protection detail includes the following:

- Prewash (Including Snowfoam)
- Two Bucket Safe wash with PH neutral shampoo.
- Iron/industrial fallout Removal
- Tar removal
- Paintwork Clay'd
- Hand Polish or 1 Stage Machine Polish
- 1 Layer of Wax applied
- Faces of Wheels, cleaned, polished and Sealed
- Glass Cleaned, polished & Treated with rain repellant
- Trim Protected
- Door Shuts cleaned & protected
- Engine Bay plastics dressed
- Interior Vacuumed, cleaned & Dressed.
- Tyres Dressed

Prices start from £180*

We also have a number of upgrades, which can be selected with this package, and these are listed below.

*Subject to vehicle size and condition. Heavily soiled vehicles may incur a surcharge.

New Car Protection Detail Upgrades/Extra's:

  • Interior Fabric Protection - From £40
  • Leather Protection: - £40
  • Swissvax Shield Premium Wax which contains PTFE - £25 per coat
  • Swissvax Crystal Rock Luxury Wax - £80 per coat
  • Swissvax Onyx Premium Wax - Increased Gloss £15 per coat
  • Engine Bay Detail - £30
  • Glass Sealant (Windows) - £30
  • Wheel glass coating - From £60* (subject to size)
  • Siramik SC15 Glass Coat - From £120
  • CQUK Paint Coating - From £120