Wheel Coating

Tired of having to use hard graft to clean your wheels?
Are your wheels difficult to clean due to the design?
Do you want easy maintenance when it comes to cleaning your wheels?

Then look no further than our wheel coating service. We use specially designed heat resistant coatings that ensure wheel cleaning is a breeze, whilst providing you with a superb level of gloss.

Our chosen wheel coatings can last up to 2 years (Subject to maintainance & vehicle use)

Prices start from just £60*.

*Prices vary subject to condition, size and style of wheel. Price stated above is for up to 17" alloys with only the wheel faces coated.

Our method for this service includes:

  • Wheels Removed from the vehicle*
  • Wheels cleaned using a PH Neutral wheel cleaner
  • Fallout remover applied to the wheels
  • Tar and old glue residue removed
  • Tyre walls cleaned with a degreaser
  • Wheels polished by hand
  • Full IPA wipe down to remove polishing oils
  • 2 layers of wheel sealant applied
  • Tyres dressed with a glossy or matte finish tyre sheen

Short video of a wheel coating in action..