Why Choose Us?

We have heard so many horror stories about abuse, damage and lack of respect for vehicles from other local valeters, detailers & hand car wash facilities. Here at The Detailing Detectives we like to do things properly. From excellent customer service, to professional advice we can assure you and your vehicle will be cared for correctly.


So many 'detailers/valeters' don't hold the correct level of insurance, should something go wrong.

We hold Platinum Status Insurance with Coversure Swindon. They specialise in insurance for Valeters and Detailers, so understand the profession.
Our insurance includes:

  • Damage Cover for vehicles worked upon
  • Employeers Liabilty
  • Public Liability
  • Includes Public Liability for shows, exhibitions etc

Copies of our insurance polices can be provided on request.

Professional Valeters & Detailers Association

In August 2016 we became approved members of the Professional Valeters & Detailers trade association. Their members have to meet a range of criteria in order to be associated with PVD, including appropriate insurance, a proven track record and satisfied clients.

They work with a number of respected organisations from manufacturers to insurance companies to ensure the public can easily find skilled, proven and insured professionals.

As members of this trade association we are closely linked with a number of manufacturers to find out new products & techniques. Ensuring we provide the best high quality service to our clients.

To find out more about the association click here.


We are also members of the International Detailing Association. This is an internationally recognised trade association which it's members have to follow a code of conduct. It also allows our Staff members to undertake extra training & network with other detailers around the world. Allowing us to ensure our skills and knowledge is always improving. 

Vehicle Detail Forms

For each service we provide a vehicle detail form is filled out prior to our work being carried out. This is for your peace of mind & ours. Before we carry out any work on your vehicle, we will walk around it with yourself to mark down all visable damage.  We will ask you to sign to say that you agree with everything we have found.

Once the work has completed we will once again repeat the above. Each of these forms is then kept on file. For our regular clients this can pinpoint a timeframe in which damage has been done to a vehicle in between our visits.