Winter Protection Detail - 2018 Package

Our winter protection detail package is a must for keeping your car protected from the elements during the colder months.
We use specially designed products to protect your glass, paint, alloys, trim and rubbers.

Why is it important?

Winter protection is important to ensure that all the vital parts of your vehicle are protected from salt.
Salt can speed up the corrosion time of many components of your vehicle, potential leading to expensive repair bills.
With the correct protection this is risk is reduced.

Our Winter Protection Package includes:

- Pre wash/Snowfoam 
- Two Bucket Safe Wash 
- Vehicle Decontaminated (Removing Fallout & Tar using chemicals and clay)
- Vehicle Dried Using Plush Drying Towels
- Wheels Washed (Including inner rim if accessible)
- Alloys Wheel Faces Protected
- Arches Cleaned & Protected
- Door Shuts Cleaned & Protected
- Glass Cleaned, & Glass Sealant applied (Exterior)
- Tyres Dressed
- Polish Applied By Hand Application
- Durable Wax Applied To Paintwork

Small/Medium - £100
Large Car, 4x4, MPV's - £120

Our Winter Protection Detail normally takes around 3-4 hours to complete depending on condition & size of the vehicle.

We also have a number of upgrades which can be selected with this package and these are listed below.

*Subject to vehicle size and condition. Heavily soiled vehicles may incur a surcharge.

Winter Protection Detail Upgrades/Extra's:

Basic Interior Clean - £20
Deep Clean Interior Detail - £40
Leather Clean & Protect - £60
Deep Clean Interior Detail & Fabric Protection - £90
Swissvax Shield Premium Wax which contains PTFE - £25 per coat
Engine Bay Detail - £30
Glass Sealant - £40
Wheel glass coating - £60* (subject to size)